Friday, June 13, 2008

Project management thoughts - 1. Introduction

I'm currently working with a team of size 20. I'm playing a dual role of project manager and technical lead at the same time. I'll try to share my experiences with this relatively large team and my thoughts on project management. The age of the project is two and half months and is currently scheduled for four more months.

I'm planning to blog about this live project as it goes on which I believe is a courageous step. I shall try to maintain the privacy and not to disclose sensitive project information here.

The team
The team has 20 engineers, including me, with the following distribution.
  • 14 developers
    • 9 developers have 1 year of experiences on average
    • 5 developers have 2 years of experiences on average
  • 4 SQAs
    • 1 release engineer/SQA lead, with 3+ years of experiences
    • 3 engineers with 1 year of experiences of average
  • 1 graphics designer
    • 2+ years of experiences
  • 1 project manager
    • that's me with 5+ years of experiences
All engineers are computer science graduates, mostly from BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technologies), NSU (North South University) and EWU (East West University). The designer is a graduate of Dhaka University.

All development engineers are good problem solvers, strong in C++ or C# or Java, strong in OOP and are dedicated. One of them even went to ACM world finals.

So, overall, it's a brilliant team.

The project
The project is a medium scale web application. I cannot disclose the description of the project but the type of the project is to build and manage networks between two groups of people.

The project is fresh development from the scratch where we do not need to work on existing codebase. Let's call the project 'The Project' or TP in short ;).

TP has two sub projects, let's call them:
  • TPX - which is for the first user group
  • TPY - which is for the 2nd user group
TP also has another sub project for a group of people who need to administrate the whole application. Let's call it:
  • TPZ - which is for administrator users
Three of the sub-projects TPX, TPY and TPZ will serve different target user groups as mentioned above.

The project is targeted towards massive user groups, say several thousand from the first user group and hundreds of thousands from second user group will use the application within a year of lunching the application. The project will have rigorous database transactions for most of the features and functionalities.

Professional and rich user experience is very important in this project. The project will have good looking UI components, for which we have a dedicated graphics designer.

To be continued.
[I shall continue to talk about my project management experiences and thoughts about this project in regular posts. I hope you shall find them interesting or useful].


PM Hut said...

Your team seems interesting. 2 questions:

1. Is the team distributed?
2. Could you give us a better insight about the nature of the project if possible (I understand the confidentiality part though).

Anonymous said...

Project Management Professional (PMP)

M. Kaisar Ul Haque said...

@pm hut:
1. I'm not sure what you meant by 'distibuted'. If you meant about the 'team formation': the team has a matrix team formation, meaning it has multiple sub-teams. I shall talk about the team formation in the next post.

If you meant if the members are in different spatial locations, then the answer is 'no', they are in the same building.

2. I shall try to give more insight of the nature of the project. I shall try to come up with more examples explaining the project type.

ro said...

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KingShaef said...

It's a nice step for shareing your project experience:)...Take my humble Thanks for that..

Being a Tester I am very qurious abt 2things,

1.What are basic testing approach u or ur SQA team lead took for that project?

2. How do you test such huge user interaction in ur application?


Mohammad Kaisar Ul Haque said...


Sorry for this long late reply.

I'm planning to continue this series of posts and will posts details about the test team and testing approaches.

BTW, Is this the old Shafayet I know? :)

Shafayet said...

@Kaisar Ul Haque -

Sorry for the very very long and late reply from myself as well .

Thank you very much for the reply :)

Shafayet :)

marry said...

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