Monday, September 7, 2009

Maemo 5 - Linux at the core of next generation mobile OS

It's been long since I felt excited about any new mobile OS. Maemo 5 seems to be a very promising mobile OS for the next generation of mobile devices.

Multiple desktops, multitasking, Mozilla based browser, desktop widgets, cool UI, speed all seems to be best of what other OS has to offer. And guess what, it runs on Linux. The Symbian OS 9.4, Windows Mobile 6.5 or iPhone OS 3.. all seem to be moving ahead somewhat slowly. Comparing to them, Maemo 5 seems to be a leap ahead. It seems to be the next best thing after iPhone OS 1 came out thousands of years ago :).

Nokia will release N900 in a few months, the company's first phone running on Maemo 5. N900 itself has good spec with 600 MHz ARM processor, 256 MB RAM, 32 GB ROM, high-end cam, etc.

You can check more about Maemo at: and more about N900 at