Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't click it!

It's been long since I got excited about a web site. I have to say, I'm very impressed with the idea, creativity, innovation and the intuitive interface of this web site/project. It's based on the idea that you don't need to click to navigate.. they strongly suggest that you don't click at all!

Check it out here: Check out the whole web site, all pages to get the real fun.

I feel like pulling out the buttons of my mouse :P.


john.s said...

very cool. i like the blog, and i especially like the post about becoming a good programmer. any books you might suggest. maybe you can write a post about it.

Anonymous said...

Kashuu bhaiiiiii this site rocks.... really exciting .. this might change the way we browse.. this seems so easy to browse :D Awesome !! Thanks for pointing it out.


luc said...

Don't click it is a cool concept as far as u have only a webpage to view some info. Whenever u have to submit a form or save some info in a database using the webpages, it will no longer be useful.

But great innovation, none the less..

h said...

Hi! I found your site because I was looking for an english to bengali and bengali to english dictionary.

What you've done is indeed the easiest to use on the web!

I wonder if you've found/made updates? There still isn't any translation took like google-translate.

Thank you in advance!

Mohammad Kaisar Ul Haque said...

Thank you for your interest in the dictionary.

Sorry to inform that no updates to the dictionary is available! Also, currently not planning to update it at this moment.

Mohammad Kaisar Ul Haque said...


Thanks! I'm planning to make a blog post about some C/C++ books/web sites.