Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Animoto - A.I. creates your music videos!

"Animoto is a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology and high-end motion design. Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music. Produced in widescreen format, Animoto videos have the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer.

The heart of Animoto is its newly developed Cinematic A.I. technology that thinks like an actual director and editor. It analyzes and combines user-selected images and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television and film. The technology takes into account every nuance of a song: the genre, song structure, energy, rhythm, instrumentation, and vocals. Whether it's punk, pop, hip-hop or a classical Stravinsky piece, every Animoto video is totally customized. Even videos generated with an identical set of images and music will each have a completely distinct set of motion design. No two videos are the same. They can be emailed, and embedded in pages on websites including social network sites like Facebook and MySpace."

The above text is taken from the Animoto web site.

So A.I. creates music videos for you! Can things be anymore cool? :) I guess this application will get huge popularity in a few days. YouTube fans won't wait to publish thousands of their own music videos, created with this, right away.

You can create only short length, 30 seconds videos for free but you can create as many as you want.

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Reza said...

This is really kwel.. !

sub said...

u made me realize myself...thank u soo much