Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to begin web programming with PHP

I am often asked, 'how to begin web programming with PHP?'. Following is a response that I had given few weeks ago. Hope this will be useful for anyone willing to start learning PHP.

Things you need to know to begin web programming with PHP:

  • Good knowledge of HTML
  • Some knowledge of CSS
  • Some knowledge of JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of MySQL Database, SQL (as most php applications are database driven)
  • Good knowledge of PHP
  • Using and configuring Apache
Tutorial Links:

Here are the links to tutorials that may help you to accelerate your learning process.

Recommended Setup:


  • Keep the references handy/near to you.
  • Search in Google for more tutorials
  • Look into well known PHP frameworks (search for: top php frameworks).
  • Look into open source projects to learn how real life applications are done.
  • Practice well :)


PHP Tutor said...

In any programming the first thing you do is "get the basic". if you know the basic properly then you can move forward with frameworks and standard practice. PHP programming is not about only CRUD operations so try to do more with the knowledge you have and trust me it will expand the horizon and the depth of your knowledge in PHP. Last but not least, keep yourself updated with latest things happening on web, php and other technologies.

মুনিম said...

PHP is a very popular open source web development tool for long. Still many despite being a good coder haven’t acquainted with it yet. I hope PHP Tutor will help the late starters to learn it fast…

naturelimit said...

The programming is easy,the basic is we have to understand the web program with PHP.One of the main operation we should have knowledge about it.

Anonymous said...

Trying to learn PHP.

Did a full configure per

I run the script hello script

All that comes up is the HTML
does not seem to see the php variable.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks much

Mohammad Kaisar Ul Haque said...


Sorry for this late reply. You already probably have the solution. Your php is not correctly configured with your HTTP server (IIS or apache or anything else). Configurations need to be revised.