Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some interesting facts about the origin of C++

If you don't know them alredy, enjoy:
  1. BCPL’s // comment convention was (re)introduced in C++.
  2. The class concept (with derived classes and virtual functions) was borrowed from Simula67.
  3. C++’s facility for overloading operators and the freedom to place a declaration wherever a statement can occur resembles Algol68.
  4. Templates were partly inspired by Ada’s generics (both their strengths and their weaknesses) and partly by Clu’s parameterized modules.
  5. The C++ exception-handling mechanism was inspired partly by Ada, Clu, and ML.
  6. Other developments in the 1985 to 1995 time span – such as multiple inheritance, pure virtual functions, and namespaces – were primarily generalizations driven by experience with the use of C++ rather than ideas imported from other languages.

Source:The C++ Programming Language, Special Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup.


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