Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The First Post

Hmm.. what does it feel like to maintain a blog on regular basis? I always thought I'm too busy for blogging. But I should just give it a try.. so here goes my first post!

I'm Kaisar 26/M, live in Dhaka, graduated in Computer Science from North South University, Dhaka. I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at ReliSource Technologies Ltd. I've have around 4 years of working experinces, mostly in languages like C++/VC++, Java, VB and PHP. I worked with technologies like NMS, Embedded Systems, VOIP, CMS, etc. Besides, I've keen interest in Computer Vision, Cognative Computing, Robotics and Digital Electronics. I like music and movies a lot.

I'll try to post on different technologies and less about my personal life here in this blog.

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